The Gemini Duets™ line of premium engraving, ADA and architectural sign substrates, assures engraving sheet flatness, surface quality and material properties through a controlled manufacturing process. One hundred percent of the product is manufactured in a class 10,000 state-of-the-art cleanroom manufacturing facility in Cannon Falls, MN.

Gemini is able to maintain complete control over the Duets manufacturing process through extruding the sheet in the industry's first Class 10,000 cleanroom, allowing for:

  • One one-hundredth or less airborne particulate than found in standard room air.
  • Automation-controlled temperature and humidity, eliminating the risk of dust, debris or other contaminants from entering the clean room.
  • The climate-controlled environment ensures precise laminar airflow, which guarantees even product cooling to minimize stress to the product.

“Gemini applies strict procedures when manufacturing our Duets engraving stock to assure the best possible product quality in terms of sheet flatness,” said Dave Schmitt, VP of Engineering at Gemini. “To maintain sheet flatness and the highest value for our customers, partners should follow best practices for sheet storage and continue to store their Duets stock flat.” 

Best practices for assuring Duets by Gemini sheet flatness include:

  • Store Duets sheet stock flat, and rotate first in first out
  • Keep the protective sheet on when handling the product
  • Do not shear material thicker than 1/16”
  • Do not store in direct sunlight
  • Avoid temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Keep shear presses maintained with sharpened blades and minimal gap distance.

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