DuetsTactiles ADA & Appliqué Glow

More colors. No adhesive residue. The better ADA choice.
Duets Tactiles® ADA substrates are engineered to release cleaner, virtually eliminating adhesive residue for less cleanup and better results. Our new Duets Tactiles material uses photoluminescent acrylic to glow in the dark, making wayfinding and directional signage highly visible regardless of light conditions. Duets Tactiles ADA substrates are designed for laser or rotary applications, and are ideal for ADA and applique, wayfinding, architectural signage, exhibit display, retail display and interior branding. Manufactured with superior quality in Gemini's state-of-the-art Class 10,000 cleanroom facility, Duets Tactiles offers impact modified acrylic in a matte, non-glare finish. Request Free Samples
Duets ADA Tactiles Glow Brochure
Duets ADA Tactiles Glow Installation Instructions
Duets ADA Color Contrast Guide
Duets Laser Settings Guide
Duets Product Selection Guide
Rowmark to Gemini Duets Cross Reference Guide