The Simple Sign Solution:

Use as a single frame or combine the Euro System with our Aluminum Holders to create tamper resistant directories, large and small.

Specifically designed machined screws in round or square head lock the sign assemblies in place and provide security for your signage. Top screws are simply removed to make signage updates. Vertical dividers can be used to create multiple column directories.


Sign assemblies are stacked to create directories which round out the Euro Sign System.

Square and round head screws are specially designed to cap off extrusions, and lock in the holder assemblies. Simply remove the top screws and slide sign assemblies out for a quick change. Screw holes are tapped for repeated use.

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How to Order Custom JRS Products

Download our custom JRS order form and fill out your frame requirements. Email or fax the form to us and a customer representative will contact you to review your order.

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