Watch video to learn more about how Duets are made in Gemini's cleanroom facility

Gemini is committed to producing the highest quality products in the signage industry. Duets by Gemini is no exception. Manufactured in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, Duets products are produced in Gemini’s cutting-edge manufacturing facility. Gemini’s state-of-the-art class 10,000 cleanroom is a feature of their manufacturing facility. The cleanroom produces the highest quality ADA and engraving signage substrates by:

  • Maintaining tightly controlled color and finished uniformity 
  • Ensuring dust-free materials
  • Producing consistently flat material



“The class 10,000 clean room allows Gemini to produce consistent, high-quality sheets that sign professionals can trust will look great for their customers,” says Dave Johnson, Gemini’s Channel Development Manager.

Every sheet is inspected throughout the process to ensure the highest product quality. Once the material is produced, it leaves the clean room and enters an automated touchless process. Sheets are cut to standard sizes and removed from the line without ever being touched. This process allows for up to a thousand pounds of material to be produced per hour. 

The sheets are then stored in climate-controlled rooms. This keeps material from forming impurities. After the manufacturing process is complete, Gemini recycles scrap material for future Duets products. 

Gemini stands behind everything that leaves their facility. While it’s their name on the materials, it’s your name on the final product. That is a responsibility Gemini doesn’t take lightly.

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